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Research undertaken at the UW-Madison George M. O’Brien Center for Benign Urology Research is dedicated to improving urologic health in aging men. The center is a multi-site research cooperative between the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Massachusetts-Boston, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Our lobster and cheese insignia reflects the Wisconsin-Massachusetts collaboration.


  • Identify factors that cause urinary dysfunction in aging men
  • Build consensus around research approaches to model urinary dysfunction in rodents
  • Provide opportunities for established investigators to transition into the field of benign urology
  • Secure the future of urologic research by promoting development of the next generation of urologic researchers
  • Disseminate urologic research knowledge through seminars, workshops and symposia

Resources provided by our center:

  • Opportunity Pool Program to fund early-stage and high-risk/reward benign urologic research
  • Assistance in the generation of preliminary data for R-based, and other NIH grant applications
  • Validation of rodent urinary function testing research protocols to model urinary dysfunction
  • A full-service core facility for rodent urinary function testing
  • Research opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral trainees
  • Development of software and technology to improve urologic research
  • A public database linking rodent urinary physiology, anatomy, and molecular biology Copyright © 2018 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System