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Application Process

Applications are due by June 1, and programs typically begin August 1. It is essential that applicants identify a mentor at the University of Wisconsin who is willing to provide space and resources to support the scholar’s continued research training.

Appointment to the K12 program does not guarantee a continuing appointment at the UW. Scholars are encouraged to apply for an individual K-award in the second or third year of their program. Continuation in the program is dependent upon satisfactory performance and is renewable annually up to a maximum of five years. At no time during the application process can the applicant have another K-series grant application in review. K12 scholars may not receive salary support from any other federally-funded source during the first two years on the award. And applicants must have U.S. citizenship or be lawfully admitted for permanent residence. The award cannot be transferred to another institution, and scholars can serve as PI for an NIH R21 award. However, since independent research is the goal of the training program, scholars cannot continue in the program upon receipt of an NIH R01 award.

Applications should provide a detailed description of the training to be obtained and career goals. Sufficient information regarding the research to be performed should be provided to allow the quality of training to be assessed. Minimal requirements for application include:

  • A letter of nomination from the Dean of a School/College (in which no departments exist) or a Department Chair confirming that the trainee will have 75% protected time (or 50% for certain procedure-based sub-specialties) and that the School/College or Department accepts the shared funding commitment (if this is to be a component of the appointment)
  • Two years minimum experience post-professional degree
  • Two committed mentors (ideally from different disciplines) that will assist in the research and career development of the scholar
  • Stated goal to become an independent, federally funded researcher

Three letters of reference will be requested assessing the applicant’s potential for, and commitment to, developing a career as an independently funded investigator pursuing urological research. Specific materials that will be required in the completed application include basic data and NIH required information (citizenship, ethnicity, gender, disabilities, and disadvantaged background); names and contact information for three references; abstract of proposed research; applicant CV; applicant NIH biosketch; candidate statement; description of mentor support; career development and training plan; research plan (to include specific aims, research strategy, preliminary studies if available, and literature cited); letter of nomination from Dean or Chair; letters of commitment from two mentors; NIH biosketch for each mentor; and copies of two publications on which the applicant is an author.

Additional information on the application can be obtained at the website for NIH K01 applications or NIH K08 applications. Examples of applications are available on request. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System