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Authors Shapiro DD, Kamnetz SA, Le BV
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Journal Urology Volume: 109 Pages: 115-120
Publish Date 2017 Nov
PubMed ID 28807752

To survey urologists and family medicine physicians (FMPs) within a single institution to determine current vasectomy practice patterns and determine compliance with 2012 American Urological Association (AUA) vasectomy guidelines.In 2016, a single-institution survey was conducted to understand the vasectomy practice patterns among urologists and nonurologists. The survey questions and 3 clinical scenarios were designed based on the 2012 AUA vasectomy guidelines. Results of the survey were compiled between urologists and nonurologists and then compared with the guideline recommendations.A total of 23 FMPs and 6 urologists responded. Fewer prevasectomy counseling topics were discussed by FMPs compared with urologists. A variety of vasectomy techniques were used among FMPs. Vas deferens segments were more likely to be sent for histology by FMPs than urologists (65% vs 17%, P = .02). FMPs were more likely to send postvasectomy semen analyses earlier than urologists (P = .02) and more likely to send multiple postvasectomy semen analyses (P = .006) before forgoing alternative contraceptive methods. Regarding the clinical scenario questions, FMPs were more likely to answer discordantly from guideline recommendations compared with urologists.Significant vasectomy practice pattern heterogeneity still exists among nonurologists surveyed within our institution. The 2012 AUA vasectomy guidelines have yet to be broadly implemented within nonurology practices. Further studies are warranted to investigate national trends in nonurologist vasectomy practice patterns and determine how the guidelines can be better implemented in nonurologic practices. Copyright © 2018 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System