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Authors Hodges SJ, Richards KA, Gorbachinsky I, Krane LS
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Journal Res Rep Urol Volume: 6 Pages: 127-30
Publish Date 2014
PubMed ID 25328866
PMC ID 4199658

To determine whether age of toilet training is associated with dysfunctional voiding in children.We compared patients referred to the urologic clinics for voiding dysfunction with age-matched controls without urinary complaints. Characteristics including age and reason for toilet training, method of training, and encopresis or constipation were compared between both groups.Initiation of toilet training prior to 24 months and later than 36 months of age were associated with dysfunctional voiding. However, dysfunctional voiding due to late toilet training was also associated with constipation.Dysfunctional voiding may be due to delayed emptying of the bowel and bladder by children. The symptoms of dysfunctional voiding are more common when toilet training early, as immature children may be less likely to empty in a timely manner, or when training late due to (or in association with) constipation.

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