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Authors Wilkin M, Horwitz G, Seetharam A, Hartenbach E, Schink JC, Bruskewitz R, Jarrard DF
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Journal Urol. Oncol. Volume: 23 Issue: 1 Pages: 12-5
Publish Date 2005 Jan-Feb
PubMed ID 15885577

Few studies have assessed the long-term risks associated with the Indiana pouch continent urinary diversion after high-dose radiation therapy. A retrospective review of consecutive female patients who underwent cystectomy and Indiana pouch urinary diversion identified 12 with a history of high-dose pelvic irradiation (mean total 78.1 Gy). Long-term complications and outcomes in this group were compared to a synchronous group of patients (n = 14) with no history of radiation. Mean follow-up in the radiation therapy (RT) and nonirradiated comparison group (CG) were 48.5 and 40.8 months, respectively, with all patients having over 12 months of outcomes assessed. In the RT group, 83% of patients experienced a one or more complications (n = 29) while 57% of the CG did (n = 15; P = 0.2). Complications seen more commonly in the RT group included ureteral stricture/obstruction (5 vs. 2), renal insufficiency (3 vs. 1) and severe incontinence (3 vs. 0). Notably, 23 secondary operative procedures were required in the RT group versus CG (n = 11, P = 0.2). Percutaneous nephrostomy (6 vs. 1; P = 0.03) and ureteral reimplantation (4 vs. 0; P = 0.03) were seen significantly more commonly in the RT group than the CG. Long-term follow-up is critical to assess the complications associated with urinary diversions. We conclude that frequent complications and a significant increase in specific operative procedures are observed in heavily irradiated patients with recurrent gynecologic cancers receiving an Indiana Pouch urinary diversion. Given the risk of renal insufficiency, close monitoring of renal drainage and function is recommended. These considerable long-term complications should be considered when counseling patients contemplating Indiana Pouch urinary diversion after radiation therapy. Copyright © 2018 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System