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Authors Truong M, Yang B, Wagner J, Desotelle J, Jarrard DF
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Journal Epigenomics Volume: 5 Issue: 1 Pages: 65-71
Publish Date 2013 Feb
PubMed ID 23414321
PMC ID 3731941

In vertebrates, DNA methylation occurs primarily at CG dinucleotides but recently, non-CG methylation has been found at appreciable levels in embryonic stem cells.To assess non-CG methylation in cancer, we compared the extent of non-CG methylation at several biologically important CG islands in prostate cancer and normal cell lines. An assessment of the promoter CG islands EVX1 and FILIP1L demonstrates a fourfold higher rate of non-CG methylation at EVX1 compared with FILIP1L across all cell lines. These loci are densely methylated at CG sites in cancer.No significant difference in non-CG methylation was demonstrated between cancer and normal. Treatment of cancer cell lines with 5-azacytidine significantly reduced methylation within EVX1 at CG and CC sites, preferentially.Non-CG methylation does not correlate with CG methylation at hypermethylated promoter regions in cancer. Furthermore, global inhibition of DNA methyltransferases does not affect all methylated cytosines uniformly.

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