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Authors Yang B, Wagner J, Yao T, Damaschke N, Jarrard DF
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Journal Epigenetics Volume: 8 Issue: 10 Pages: 1039-42
Publish Date 2013 Oct
PubMed ID 23973940
PMC ID 3891684

We have developed a rapid and sensitive quantitative assay for the measurement of individual allelic ratios. This assay minimizes time and labor, the need for special restriction endonuclease enzymes for polymorphic sites, and avoids heteroduplex formation seen with traditional quantitative PCR-based methods. It has improved sensitivity compared to other methods and is capable of distinguishing 1% differences in allelic expression. This assay, termed Pyrosequencing for Imprinted Expression (PIE), involves the use of an intron-crossing PCR primer to generate the first PCR product. We applied the assay to analyze Insulin-like Growth Factor-2 (IGF2) imprinting in both human and mouse prostate tissues.

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