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Authors Bjorling DE, Lappin MR, Whitfield JB
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Journal J. Am. Vet. Med. Assoc. Volume: 187 Issue: 12 Pages: 1373-5
Publish Date 1985 Dec 15
PubMed ID 4086358

A dog with severe pulmonary disease caused by Filaroides osleri (Oslerus osleri) infection was anesthetized with thiopental sodium IV for diagnostic bronchoscopy. The dog was ventilated continuously during bronchoscopy with a high-frequency jet ventilator (using a rate of 100 breaths/min, drive pressure of 20 psi, and inspiratory fraction of 0.30). High-frequency jet ventilation provided satisfactory ventilatory support during bronchoscopy despite the dog’s pulmonary disease. Copyright © 2018 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System