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Authors Howard PE, Bjorling DE
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Journal Probl Vet Med Volume: 1 Issue: 1 Pages: 74-84
Publish Date 1989 Jan-Mar
PubMed ID 2520102

An intersex animal is one possessing the characteristics of both sexes. Intersex animals, also called pseudohermaphrodites or hermaphrodites, are classified on the basis of their gonads. Pseudohermaphrodites possess the gonads of one sex but the secondary sex characteristics and external genitalia of the opposite sex. Female pseudohermaphrodites have ovaries but phenotypically have a masculine appearance. Male pseudohermaphrodites possess testes while having mixed or female external genitalia. Less common than pseudohermaphrodism is true hermaphrodism, wherein both testicular and ovarian tissue is present in various combinations. A testis may be found on one side in combination with an ovary on the contralateral side, an ovatestis (both testicular and ovarian tissue found in a single gonad) only may be present, or an ovatestis may be paired with a testis or ovary. Problems associated with intersex animals are not unique to intersexes but can be found in animals with normal chromosomal karyotypes. This chapter will review briefly the etiology of intersexuality and it will discuss the diagnosis and management of those problems associated with the intersex animal. Copyright © 2018 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System