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Authors McKenna PH, Khoury AE, McLorie GA, Reid G, Churchill BM
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Journal J. Urol. Volume: 148 Issue: 2 Pt 2 Pages: 756-9
Publish Date 1992 Aug
PubMed ID 1640561

Studying the effects of chronic uremia in children has been hindered by the lack of a suitable large mammalian animal model with normotensive renal failure. We performed nephrectomy with simultaneous contralateral partial nephrectomy using a stapling device and absorbable staples in 22 domestic piglets. Up to 93% of the total renal mass could be excised by this method. A chronic uremic state was reproducibly developed and correlated with the percentage of renal mass excised. There were no associated postoperative complications with the stapled partial nephrectomy. Pigs with moderate renal failure had a significant decrease in growth compared to those with mild renal failure, which represents the successful development of a normotensive large mammalian animal model that could be used to study the effects of chronic renal failure and hyperfiltration during a state of rapid growth. In addition, this study confirms the successful use of a stapling device to perform partial nephrectomy. Copyright © 2018 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System