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Authors Ferrer FA, McKenna PH, Donnal JF
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Journal Urology Volume: 44 Issue: 2 Pages: 254-9
Publish Date 1994 Aug
PubMed ID 8048202

To report a new technique called “phase contrast magnetic resonance angiography” (PC MRA) utilizing phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging, for assessing the renal vasculature in relation to complicated pediatric renal masses.Three-dimensional phase contrast gradient refocused pulse sequences were obtained on four pediatric patients with complicated renal masses. Findings were compared to ultrasound and computed tomographic images and correlated with actual surgical anatomy.In all four cases PC MRA provided standard angiographic quality detail of the renal vascular anatomy. The PC MRA findings had a 100% correlation with surgical exploration and MRA proved to be approximately one third the cost of the standard angiographic technique.Our experience with the use of PC MRA in children suggests that it can be helpful in evaluating the vasculature of complicated pediatric renal masses. PC MRA utilizes current generation magnetic resonance units, is noninvasive, and does not require anesthesia. It may be especially useful in patients with hypersensitivity to contrast agents, in those with renal failure in whom contrast agents may be contraindicated, and is less expensive than standard angiography. Copyright © 2018 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System