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David R Paolone, MD

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(608) 287-2900

MADISON, WI 53715-1375

David R Paolone, MD

Vice Chair for Regional Urology
Associate Professor (CHS)


  • MD, University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, 1995
  • Internship and Residency, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH, 1995-2001

Clinical Specialties

Dr. Paolone is certified by the American Board of Urology. His clinical specialities include erectile dysfunction, female urology, stone surgery, and urologic cancer.

Research Interests

Dr. Paolone’s research interests are in the areas of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) and penile disorders.

Recent Publications
  • Le B, McAchran S, Paolone D, Gralnek D, Williams D, Bushman W. Assessing the Variability in Insurance Coverage Transparency for Male Sexual Health Conditions in the United States. Urology 2017 Apr; 102():126-129.
    [PubMed ID: 28024968]
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  • McAchran SE, Paolone DR. The iatrogenic ureterovaginal fistula. Urology 2013 Jun; 81(6):e35.
    [PubMed ID: 23506729]
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  • Kruser TJ, Jarrard DF, Graf AK, Hedican SP, Paolone DR, Wegenke JD, Liu G, Geye HM, Ritter MA. Early hypofractionated salvage radiotherapy for postprostatectomy biochemical recurrence. Cancer 2011 Jun 15; 117(12):2629-36.
    [PubMed ID: 21656740, PMCID: 3064951]
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  • Paolone DR. Benign prostatic hyperplasia. Clin. Geriatr. Med. 2010 May; 26(2):223-39.
    [PubMed ID: 20497842]
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  • Wong GW, Palazzi-Churas KL, Jarrard DF, Paolone DR, Graf AK, Hedican SP, Wegenke JD, Ritter MA. Salvage hypofractionated radiotherapy for biochemically recurrent prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy. Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 2008 Feb 01; 70(2):449-55.
    [PubMed ID: 17869014]
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  • Morita K, Miura M, Paolone DR, Engeman TM, Kapoor A, Remick DG, Fairchild RL. Early chemokine cascades in murine cardiac grafts regulate T cell recruitment and progression of acute allograft rejection. J. Immunol. 2001 Sep 01; 167(5):2979-84.
    [PubMed ID: 11509648]
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  • Montague DK, Angermeier KW, Paolone DR. Long-term continence and patient satisfaction after artificial sphincter implantation for urinary incontinence after prostatectomy. J. Urol. 2001 Aug; 166(2):547-9.
    [PubMed ID: 11458065]
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  • Watarai Y, Koga S, Paolone DR, Engeman TM, Tannenbaum C, Hamilton TA, Fairchild RL. Intraallograft chemokine RNA and protein during rejection of MHC-matched/multiple minor histocompatibility-disparate skin grafts. J. Immunol. 2000 Jun 01; 164(11):6027-33.
    [PubMed ID: 10820287]
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  • Kapoor A, Flechner SM, O'Malley K, Paolone D, File TM, Cutrona AF. Cryptococcal meningitis in renal transplant patients associated with environmental exposure. Transpl Infect Dis 1999 Sep; 1(3):213-7.
    [PubMed ID: 11428991]
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