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Brian Van Le, MD

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(608) 262-5440

UW Medical Foundation Centennial Building
1685 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705-2281

Brian Van Le, MD

Assistant Professor (CHS)


  • Masters of Arts, Chemistry, Harvard University, 2003
  • MD, Stanford University School of Medicine, 2007
  • Residency, Northwestern McGaw Medical Center, 2013
  • Fellowship, Sexual Medicine and Reconstruction, Johns Hopkins Hospital – Brady Urologic Institute, 2014

Clinical Specialties

Dr. Le is a board certified urologist who is fellowship trained and specializes in sexual medicine and reconstruction.

Research Interests

Recent Publications
  • Shapiro DD, Kamnetz SA, Le BV. Vasectomy Practice Patterns Among Family Medicine Physicians and Compliance With the American Urological Association 2012 Vasectomy Guidelines. Urology 2017 Nov; 109():115-120.
    [PubMed ID: 28807752]
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  • Bernie HL, Segal R, Le B, Burnett A, Bivalacqua TJ. An Empirical vs Risk-Based Approach Algorithm to Intracavernosal Injection Therapy: A Prospective Study. Sex Med 2017 Mar; 5(1):e31-e36.
    [PubMed ID: 28190453, PMCID: 5302379]
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  • Le B, McAchran S, Paolone D, Gralnek D, Williams D, Bushman W. Assessing the Variability in Insurance Coverage Transparency for Male Sexual Health Conditions in the United States. Urology 2017 Apr; 102():126-129.
    [PubMed ID: 28024968]
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  • Le B, McVary K, McKenna K, Colombo A. A Novel Thermal-activated Shape Memory Penile Prosthesis: Comparative Mechanical Testing. Urology 2017 Jan; 99():136-141.
    [PubMed ID: 27639798]
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  • Choy J, Kashanian JA, Sharma V, Masson P, Dupree J, Le B, Brannigan RE. The men's health center: Disparities in gender specific health services among the top 50 "best hospitals" in America. Asian J Urol 2015 Jul; 2(3):170-174.
    [PubMed ID: 29264139, PMCID: 5730713]
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  • Reddy SS, Inouye BM, Anele UA, Abdelwahab M, Le B, Gearhart JP, Rao PK. Sexual Health Outcomes in Adults with Complete Male Epispadias. J. Urol. 2015 Oct; 194(4):1091-5.
    [PubMed ID: 25916676]
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  • Anele UA, Le BV, Resar LM, Burnett AL. How I treat priapism. Blood 2015 Jun 04; 125(23):3551-8.
    [PubMed ID: 25810489, PMCID: 4458797]
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  • Kim SY, Dupree JM, Le BV, Kim DY, Zhao LC, Kundu SD. A contemporary analysis of Fournier gangrene using the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program. Urology 2015 May; 85(5):1052-6.
    [PubMed ID: 25770725]
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  • Kim SY, Dupree JM, Le BV, Kim DY, Zhao LC, Kundu SD. Reply: To PMID 25770724. Urology 2015 May; 85(5):1057.
    [PubMed ID: 25770723]
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  • Le B, Burnett AL. Evolution of penile prosthetic devices. Korean J Urol 2015 Mar; 56(3):179-86.
    [PubMed ID: 25763121, PMCID: 4355428]
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