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Reviewer calls Dr. Nakada’s book on kidney stone surgery a 'must have'

Dr. Stephen Nakada’s recent book Surgical Management of Urolithiasis: Percutaneous, Shockwave and Ureteroscopy received a favorable review from Doody’s Review Service.

Reviewer Kelly Healy, MD stated in her assessment of the publication: “This book succinctly covers all the salient points in the surgical management of nephrolithiasis. It is a valuable resource for any urologist treating patients with nephrolithiasis, both basic and complex cases. This concise, evidence-based book is a must-have in contemporary practice.”

Together with co-editor Dr. Margaret S. Pearle, Nakada amassed contributions from 29 urologists. The compilation offers an examination of surgical management techniques for addressing nephrolithiasis, more commonly known as kidney stone disease.

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