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Group Visits for Kidney Stones a Success

A current issue faced by clinicians is how to provide quality care to patients when office visits encompass a relatively short time frame. This is especially critical for conditions requiring significant education about disease process and patient self-management strategies. Since 2012, new patients referred to the Metabolic Stone Clinic at University Hospital have been invited to participate in shared medical appointments (SMA). Early SMA objectives were to decrease the 6-month appointment wait time and to reinforce education about nutrition and other ways to prevent kidney stones without compromising patient satisfaction. Results have included reduced wait time (now less than 30 days for most), high patient satisfaction, and, most importantly, reduced risk for kidney stone recurrence. Future innovations to this model are being developed by stone clinic nephrologist Allan Jhagroo, MD, and dietitian Kristina Penniston, PhD, RD. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System