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2013 AUA Best of Poster Winners

Congratulations to the following Best of Poster Winners at this year’s AUA annual meeting.

Dr. Jason Abel won Best of Poster for his work titled Isolation and Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells in Renal Cell Carcinoma, in the Kidney Cancer: Basic Research (IV) category.

Second year resident, Jonathan Shiau, MD, along with Sara Best, MD, won for their poster, Higher Hemoglobin A1c is Associated with a Greater Likelihood of Uric Acid Stone Formation: is Control of Diabetes Important for Stone Prevention? in the Stone Disease: Evaluation & Medical Management (I) category.

Sara Colopy (Vet Med), PhD, along with Dr. Wade Bushman, won for their collaboration on Infections/Inflammation of the Genitourinary Tract: Kidney & Bladder (II) Slow-Cycling Cells of the Urinary Bladder Epithelium.

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