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Urology Simulation Education Program

PGY-1 Bootcamp
Knot tying
• Laparoscopic skills
• Anastomoses
• Cystoscopy
• Ureteroscopy
• Laser surgery
• Robotics

Surgical Skills Labs
• Ureteral Reimplant
• Artificial urinary sphincter
• Slings
• Penile prosthesis
• Porcine labs

Simulated Patient Scenarios
• GU history and exam
• Disease specific cases
• Transitions of care
• Delivering bad news
• Disclosure of medical errors

Computer-based courses
• Ethics
• Professionalism

The Department of Urology has begun work to create a Urology Simulation Education Program for residents, students, and other learners. The goal is to create a premier skills and simulation program to be a model for urology programs across the country. A Urology Simulation Committee, led by Barb Lewis, RN, MS and Patrick McKenna, MD and consisting of faculty, residents, and administration are guiding the development of the program.

The program will include a PGY-1 bootcamp, surgical skills labs, simulated patient scenarios, computer-based training, and high fidelity models. The goals for the first year are to start the PGY-1 bootcamp by focusing on knot-tying, suturing, laparoscopic skills, and suturing/stapling bowel anastomoses. The bootcamp will include aspects of and build upon the ACS/APDS Phase 1 curriculum. Each laboratory will have a faculty champion as well as additional faculty instructors.

Initial surgical skills labs will include ureteral reimplant lab, artificial urinary sphincter lab, slings, and penile prostheses. Educational research will be an integral part of each component of the program.

urology simulation experience

Urology Simulation Committee

Dan Gralnek, MD
Alison Keenan, MD
Stephen Hall, CPA
Brian Le, MD
Thomas Leffler, MPH
Barb Lewis, RN, MS
Patrick McKenna, MD
Brady Miller, MD, MPH
Kyle Richards, MD
Dan Williams, MD

For more information, please contact:

Portrait of Barbara J Lewis, RN, MS Barbara J Lewis, RN, MS
Urology Simulation Education Program Director
Phone: (608) 263-1363
E-mail: Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System