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Online Teaching Videos

One of the learning objectives for this course is for you to learn the proper technique for insertion of a urethral catheter into both male and female patients. This skill may be used in the clinic or operating room. Please watch the online videos from the New England Journal of Medicine that illustrate the proper technique for catheter insertion in preparation prior to doing it yourself. They can be found online through the Department of Urology’s website,, under Residency & Fellowship or at Learn@UW.

You will also find interactive, case-based clinical scenarios after each of the BPH, Prostate Cancer, and ED modules. These reinforce some of the principle learning objectives for those modules and they are fun to do. They are also found at the Department of Urology website or Learn@UW.

There is also a video, which demonstrates a technique for doing a thorough female pelvic exam and a module for the male genital exam.

Female Urethral Catheterization

Male Urethral Catheterization

Female Genital Exam

Male Genital Exam

Don’t forget to watch the “Why Urology?” Video! Copyright © 2018 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System