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Other Information

  • The completed application should be received no later than six months before the requested start date.
  • Transportation and housing is the responsibility of the applicant. Temporary housing is available around the medical center but is not guaranteed. Additionally, there are numerous web listings, real estate offices and hotels which can serve as useful resources.
  • All applicants participating in the program must obtain a B1-Visa and upon entering the US your I-94 card must be stamped B1. Nonimmigrants who wish to visit the US for business must obtain a B1 visa to enter the United States. Generally these visas are valid for five to ten years. However, the visa holder is only allowed to remain in the US while his or her I-94 card is valid. B1 holders should return to their home country or apply for a visa extension before their I-94 card expires. Failure to extend the visa or return home can result in the current visa being revoked and future visa applications being denied. Copyright © 2018 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System