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The University of Wisconsin Department of Urology offers an International Observership Program focused in Urology for select physicians in other countries around the world. This Program is designed to enhance knowledge in general urology, in urology subspecialties, advances in urology, and to provide exposure to urological care as practiced in one of the foremost training centers in the United States.

This program will offer participating physicians intense observer activity in the field of urology. Participants will observe patient care as it is rendered by their supervising physician(s) who may also work with fellows and housestaff. Participants are not permitted to have any direct patient care or access the medical record, and will have the status of Observers. Observers will also participate in discussions, patient-oriented conferences, and other didactic sessions.

Registration is strictly limited to assure a meaningful experience for those enrolled in this program. Selected on the basis of availability and previous experience in urology, applicants will be notified by email of the status of their application within six weeks of receipt of their complete application.

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